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Dangerous Virus Spreading and Killing Dogs

A new virus is hitting dogs throughout the United States, and if not treated, it can kill an infected animal in just days. There’s no vaccine, it’s highly infectious, and scientists still can’t say with certainty how it’s transmitted.

What is certain is this disease is deadly, especially in kennel settings. Even though cases have been limited to just three states so far - California, Michigan, and Ohio - it will spread further in no time.

Dr. Olivia Pan is keeping up with all of the latest information for when it does, because early study results are frightening.

"They’re suspecting the dogs can bleed into their cavities, their chest into their abdomen, and those are some of the more serious ones that would bleed to their deaths," said Dr. Pan.

It’s called circo-virus. Vets have been aware of it for years but mainly in pig populations - it can decimate an entire hog farm in just a week. Certain pet birds also seem susceptible. What’s new is the virus has never made the jump to dogs - until now.

One of the main problems with circo-virus is there’s no easy way to diagnose it. 

"There’s no way of us knowing it’s the circo-virus or not until you do all of these tests, and by then - you don’t get the results back for weeks," said Dr. Pan.

If your dog shows any of the following symptoms, waste no time and visit the vet immediately:

  • Intestinal tract inflammation 
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea 

Please share widely with your family, friends, and followers.

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