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Hero Baltimore cop responds to a call about vicious dog, goes home with a new best friend

When officer Waskiewicz arrived at the scene he found the pitbull was being chased by children that were throwing glass bottles at him. The officer called the dog who quickly came over, tucked his tail between his legs and sat down next to him. The kisses soon followed.

Waskiewicz determined the dog posed no threat and placed him in his squad car.

“Because of Officer Waskiewicz’s astute response, he saved the life of an innocent animal and avoided what could have been a situation with a tragic ending,” Baltimore Humane Society Executive Director Jen Swanson said.

During the ride to the animal shelter the dog continued to kiss the officer before curling up next to him and going to sleep.

A few days later the officer returned to the animal shelter and learned the dog was not yet claimed. He then adopted the dog, whom he named Bo, and took him home.

Their story went viral thanks to a post by the dog rescue group Concrete Angels.

“So often we hear stories where law enforcement officers rush to judgment with violent action,” Swanson said. “But when Dan Waskiewicz answered the call he first observed the situation calmly before he acted. We believe he deserves high praise and is truly an asset to the animals and citizens of the city he serves.”

Waskiewicz was honored by the Baltimore Humane Society. 

He was also featured in Baltimore’s Show Your Soft Side campaign, which made its debut after animal abuse crimes occurred in the city, some committed by children. The campaign features athletes and celebrities cuddling beautiful dogs and cats with the tagline, “Only a punk would hurt a cat or dog.”

While we do believe that a punk is anyone who hurts any animal and not just dogs and cats, we also believe that Officer Dan Waskiewicz is a true example of what every cop, man, and human should be.

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