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Boycott Belfast.


Lennox is a beautiful dog who fell victim to Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). He was taken away from his loving family two years ago and was forced to live in conditions that were definitely below average. His family was denied visitation.

Lennox wasn’t aggressive nor was he violent - he had a big heart and was nothing but loving. But still, the verdict came in: Lennox is to be killed.

And that’s what happened. July 11, 2012 is International Lennox Day, because that’s when he was murdered just for being himself.

Prior to his death, his family was not allowed to see him. And when the verdict was revealed, they weren’t allowed to say their goodbyes. Now that Lennox is dead, the Belfast City Council, the ones in charge aka the murderers, refused to send the family Lennox’s body or even his collar. They said they “might” send them his ashes via mail.

This case was not about an animal and whether or not he or she was a danger to the public - there was no real “concern”. It was about lies from the very start. The dog warden that was in charge of Lennox after he was taken away said, while under oath, that he was a violent dog and she was frightened of him. Photos surfaced of Lennox and that same dog warden sitting together, holding hands, playing. There was even one shot of Lennox kissing her face. 

The Belfast City Council is hiding something. What it is, I don’t know. It’s either Lennox was killed before July 11, or he was abused. Whatever it is, they ended an innocent life for no reason.

Boycott Belfast.